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A second Coming

2016-05-08 00:05:00 by donglepuss

We are going to save you and liberate you. Save you and liberate you from the grips of your own Evil.

The Evil of your indifference, your apathy, your complacency, your blindness, your ignorance, your arrogance, your haughtiness, your greed, your lies, your deceit, your denial, your viciousness, your cruelty, your death wish...


And you will have millions of resurrected bodies, young and old waiting for you with open arms. And you will come running, blinded by the Force that will transpierce you like beams of Light.

Each tear, each wound, each scar will be like golden drops of rain, like golden flags waving in the firmament. Flags of Victory.

And those of you who pretended to see whilst deliberately closing their eyes will be left out.
Left out in that same Darkness, on scorched desert grounds...Left out in that same Obscurity I saw in the dream.

Do not think you can simply turn on your heels and go back doing what you do best: lying, plundering, pillaging, stealing, raping, torturing, killing...It is not possible. Life is not an exercise in Futility.

For we are the Body, the Flesh and the Blood.
And you are nothing but the thorns and the nails...

So pay heed, for our second coming is in the making. And what a mighty one it will be.


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